Scorpion Claws Bite the Air of Desire

I just discovered the world of Midori journals and what they call “fauxdori” journals which are Midori-type journals you make yourself. They are expensive, being made of leather, so I was trying to figure out how to do one in fabric and interface it enough to be like a leather cover.

Mostly, it was making inserts for it that appealed to me: sewing little folders and booklets and making pocket folders and such, maybe using art paper for a journal insert.

I don’t have the money or energy for this but I keep learning and looking. Another thing I didn’t know about last week and then the world opened up into this chasm of delight and creativity. Amazing what people do.

Here is what cards have to say about this new interest.



Yeah, the old scorpion of desire biting you in the leg sort of thing.

Desire is a slippery slope of browsing and yearning for things you don’t have. He could be happy sunning on a rock, but he’s grasping at ideas, trying to pull more and more into his life, spending money and hankering for things that are always just out of reach.

He’s getting cranky, he might bite if you come closer.




8 thoughts on “Scorpion Claws Bite the Air of Desire

  1. Big plans without deep pockets or grains in the hourglass to back them up. Yep, that’s me alright. 🙂
    Ellen did one of those travel journals herself and posted about it on her blog (Greylady’s Hearth). I thought of doing one too, but then after I priced all the materials I would need, I figured I could just buy one for all the money I would spend.

    • I’ll go hunt up Ellen’s. (Just looked it up–what a gorgeous thing!)

      Yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing, it’s easier and cheaper to buy one and get the proper thickness of leather that works best. The shipping is a lot but it would be sturdy leather.

      The inserts are no problem to make, I do bookbinding so that’s easy and easy to customize as are folders and pockets. Truly, that’s the part that excites my imagination.

      Thanks Bev, good to know I’m not the only one.

  2. Thank you for the compliment JJ! Mine wasn’t that expensive. I’ve made another one a few weeks later from black tooling leather which I bought from a shoemaker. Both “dori’s” costed me about 15 euro’s. it is such fun setting them up and working with them
    Take note that the original Midori doesn’t hold more than three booklets without overhang.

    • Oooh, now you have two Ellen, wonderful! Your work is so meticulous.

      Yes, I’ve been searching and reading about inserts. There is a seller who sells a Regular size that’s wider so you can either put more books in it or perhaps heavier paper like 140 lb watercolour paper. That’s probably what I’d do, as I know it would bother me if they hang out.

      Mind you, with shipping that would cost me $73 CAD and maybe money at the border so it would have to be a very special present for birthday or Christmas.

  3. Love your description of the card – scorpion of desire biting you in the leg 😀 I guess I should count myself lucky that Midori’s don’t tempt me at all… Bad enough the number of decks I have!

    • I’m telling you Chloe, these groups on the Internet FUEL my interest in things, but then I see people buying 45 fountain pens I think WTF? You can get carried away, as we know from our deck collections.

  4. When I started to read this, I remembered Ellen’s beautiful photos …

    One thing about having big plans without deep pockets is that we invite something else into the mix – imagination. We wonder how we could invent and shape new projects. Everyone here has created so beautifully already. Wonderful skills and minds 🙂

    • True about imagination, I do have some ideas for sewing one, so I’m noodling it around in my mind for a bit.

      Yeah, it’s good to hang around creative people!!!

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