Take a Bite from the Database

It’s not as cheesy as it sounds, although the artwork is campy in spots. Ian Daniels is a good writer, bringing fresh insight and reflection to each archetype. I was quite impressed with the comprehensiveness of the book in comparison to other sets.

Yes, this is the blood-spattered The Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels. I am not a vampire person, I thought Bram Stoker’s Dracula book was goofy and poorly written, and most of the vampire books I have read seem a bit lame, more like romance novels. I tried the first book of the Twilight series in graphic novel form and had to toss it.


But gosh darn that guy on the Six of Knives is absolutely to die for. (Click to enlarge)


I still think this is a worthwhile deck. One can get a bit jaded with the silliness of themed decks, but Ian has put such depth into the book and artwork that I would actually recommend this. The paintings are very lush with lots of decorative detailing. A few less drops of blood and this would be better for me but that’s the theme I suppose. I enjoyed many draws with it, and must get it out again.

Oh man, that Six of Knives……




7 thoughts on “Take a Bite from the Database

  1. I’m afraid my tastes do run to trashy vampire novels (well, more Kim Harrison than Twilight). So, I have quite a few Vampire decks, and this is far and away my favourite 🙂

    • Apart from the usual Anne Rice stuff, Nancy Baker was an author who started off with a promising book “Blood and Chrysanthemums” but the follow-up book “The Night Inside” degenerated I thought.

      Dan Simmons had one called “Carion Comfort” which was goofy. I once tried to get a copy of Kim Newman’s “Anno Domini”–not sure if I did. Tim Powers’ book “The Stress of her Regard” was another one–not bad but long and rather overwrought, but the beginning is creepy. Oh, “Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King–that was good.

      I haven’t tried Kim Harrison but if my library has one I’ll give her a go! Oops, having just read reviews of the various titles I don’t think this is for me. Ditto anything by Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, or Laurell K. Hamilton.

      • I did say they were trashy vampire novels 😉 There was one really excellent, non-trashy vampire novel I read a while back, but I’ve totally forgotten the name for the moment…

        • You did! If you remember the excellent one, drop back and let me know please.

          When I do trashy I read murder mysteries. You know the ones related to food where they include recipes at the back? Yeah, that’s my evil foray into trash reading. Or the equally execrable “cozy” mysteries. Most poorly written.

          Diane Mott Davison isn’t too bad or M.C. Beaton, occasionally Joan Hess or Carolyn Hart, but all very, very light. Perfect if you’ve got a cold or something.

          By theme:

          Oooh, it,s a slippery slope down the cozy mystery trail if you need a break from vampire trash. 😉

          • I used to read a lot of cozy mysteries 🙂 Last year I read the White Magic Five and Dime, which is a cozy mystery with tarot! I used to read so many, and at one point wanted to do a database, so I’d remember which were fun and which were lame. Wish I’d had your database program back then 😀

  2. It was the Prince of Grails that got me when you emailed me some scans. I bought it on that and The Lovers, I think. There are a few that give me the shudders though. I think I have for some greens what you have for browns. I hate the backs of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. That green makes me feel sick.

    But yes, this is a superior set to many. One which isn’t cracked overnight. I like that the book is not just a generic tarot book added to the deck.

    • I like that limey green or emerald green so no problem for me. But you mention browns and I immediately understand.

      As much as I liked the Robert Place deck and illustrations, it was based on Stoker’s story which I always thought was cheesy.

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