The Sandveld Kid Practices Foundational Hand

Foraging through the Foundational Hand Forest, the Northern Black Korhaan (a.k.a. the White-quilled Bustard) kept singing “4 a.m., 4 a.m.” and wondering if the ringing in his ear would ever stop. He cancelled the order for his James Ricklef book and ordered two books on drawing and painting portraits. Now he’s strutting along feeling pretty chuffed with himself.

Northern Black Korhaan – (Afrotis afraoides)


Deborah Leigh says the 4 of Clubs means misfortune but what kind of misfortune is up to you to decide. Then later on she states it’s a major setback. It’s never just black and white.

This bird is found in the north part of South Africa, so it reminds me of a friend who has been enduring the riots down there for weeks. Mr. Korhaan eats seeds and insects, walking along pecking, catch-as-catch-can.

A reminder that foraging through life for what you need is not a bad thing, more like a daily condition, as is misfortune. I’m not sure if this is cynicism or merely pragmatism. I don’t expect misfortune but it peeks out and says “Gotcha!” and I have to deal with that.

Calligraphy practice hurts my arm, which feels a bit defeating, but a page a day might be manageable. Bustards don’t have a lot of patience when writing the letter “g” but they carry on, wearing their Tensor cuff and trying to protect their sore arms.

Bet you didn’t know that.

That’s why I’m here.




2 thoughts on “The Sandveld Kid Practices Foundational Hand

  1. That sleepless bustard sure has a gift for lovely calligraphy.:D
    Pragmatism is a good thing in my book. Better to shake the hand of misfortune than attempt to run from it when it shows up on your doorstep. At least then your energy can be put to dealing with this unexpected house guest instead of wasted on worry and anger.

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