A Knight, Reflective on Milestones

I had originally decided to use this deck with random poetry to practice calligraphy with an inexpensive Pilot Parallel pen, but I am still waiting for the pen to come. Enter Photoshop, the poet’s friend in time of need.

This is a random pick of a really lovely poem by Stanley Kunitz. Oh Stanley, we miss you.

KNIGHT OF WANDS – Komodo Dragon


The Knight is about fire and energy and enthusiasm. Here he is gathering strength to proceed on his journey, having lost his tribe, he becomes reflective.

Komodo Dragons are a bit scary, being large, they look rather ponderous and slow but take off like lightning to kill things. The tail whipping back and forth, holding its bone, the tongue a scavenger angel.

Reflective today, holding that energy within.


4 thoughts on “A Knight, Reflective on Milestones

    • Yes, and he lived so long so we have lots of his poetry. He often wrote about plants and gardens and nature which is why I bought his Collected Poems, but this poem is a good example of his “human condition” poetry which is also deep, touching.

  1. That poem is beautiful and touched my own experiences. It works beautifully with the card. I love the dragon as the Knight of Wands. All of this together makes me see the card so differently, with empathy.

    Wonderful post, Judy.

    • Thanks Steve, I enjoyed it. Stanley Kunitz wrote many wonderful poems, he’s worth looking up.

      I just wish my darn calligraphy fountain pen would arrive so I could try to do the poems with that. I’m all set with a nice blend of purple and brown ink that makes an aubergine colour but no pen!

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