The Animalis Fountain Pen and Stationery

I made up a small montage last night with some online examples of the Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot.

So, the woman whose writing desk we are looking at obviously has good taste in both stationery and fountain pens. She likes Japanese woodcuts, Art Deco, European art, tarot cards, and flowers; she likes flowers and decoupaging old furniture with floral motifs.


She also likes the line art of good modern artists, natural history, and blue and lavender. Some of her favourite card deck artists are Lorena Moore, Ash Goh, Jessica Shanahan, and Megan Weber. Coincidentally, they all created wonderful black and white tarot decks. Today she spread out cards from Megan’s Animalis Os Fortuna deck on her writing desk so that she could see them while writing an essay on Gustave Doré and his illustrations for the Fables of La Fontaine.

She used a special raspberry-coloured ink in her fountain pen and likes the way the ink looks juxtaposed with the grey and cream of her custom stationery. She needs to improve the legibility of her cursive writing but I expect she simply needs to practice as she hasn’t written much in cursive since computers came along.

Of course, she enjoys doing jigsaws too. Click to enlarge.


And remember, you can change the background of the jigsaw to a custom colour to complement your jigsaw picture. Zounds. Yeah, this lady is all about custom stuff.

Happy Sunday!




4 thoughts on “The Animalis Fountain Pen and Stationery

    • I wish there was a real pen like that–I made mine in Photoshop.

      My handwriting is slowly improving as I practice penmanship with my fountain pens in my regular journals and my gratitude journal. You got me going on the gratitude journal, it seems fair that I make you buy a fountain pen. The Pilot Metropolitan is not expensive and it comes with a converter so you can use bottled ink. I know you want some grass green and purple ink.

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