Finchy Sounds in the iEther

This is what happens when you don’t sleep all night: a Java Finch flies by and whispers, “Why don’t you spend seven hours using your iTunes gift cards and download hours of musical magic?” I agreed that this would be a good thing and found myself bouncing in the chair at 2:30 a.m. to Elvis Costello and the Metropole Orkest doing Watching the Detectives, and later, some chair dancing to Langhorne Slim & the Law doing The Way We Move.

Java Finch – (Padda oryzivora)


And move we did Java and I, bouncing along to Better Than Anything by Irene Kral and New Frontier by Donald Fagan. To get a gold star you have to look these up.

Then I finished this jigsaw of another of Megan Weber’s photographs of the Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot. This is all a good use of time for insomniacs driven mad by being awake the entire night. Hey, nothing wrong with my brain chemicals. Click to enlarge.


I managed to grab 30 minutes and then another 1.5 hours after 8 a.m. but I’m running on electric music. Speaking of which, I also nabbed part 1 of Steve Reich’s Different Trains with the Kronos Quartet that I’ve wanted for at least 15 years, and also from the same album Electric Counterpoint III with Pat Metheny which I auspiciously heard in the car yesterday on the way to the library. It was a sign to remain alert to possibilities in the a.m. I hear and obey, wired for sound.

The 3 of Diamonds is apparently about domestic conflicts according to Deborah Leigh. Now, now we can’t be having fights over whether to download Wade Hemsworth’s Black Fly Song or the haunting new version of You Go to My Head by Cassandra Wilson.

Don’t be a jerk, let the spouse download Steve Goodman’s The Dutchman and you can get Serafina by Jane Bunnett and Kellylee Evans.

Now, didn’t that work out? Listen to that Java Finch sing. He’s hankering to dance to…whisper it…Beautiful Stranger by Madonna.

Eclectic musical interests win the day again!




2 thoughts on “Finchy Sounds in the iEther

  1. I’ve only discovered ITunes in the last few years – what a joy it has been to buy individual songs without having to buy a whole album. Before I go on a road trip, I go through their top songs and choose what I like to burn on a CD. It keeps me up on popular music of all types since I rarely listen to the radio. My husband has discovered Pandora and Spotify, which is like having a radio station that plays the music you like with no commercials. 🙂

    • I keep a handmade booklet by my chair in the living room where I listen to the radio, and then I write songs down so I don’t forget. Then I take my list and put things on my iTunes wish list.

      So many older songs are just not available anywhere else. One of my sisters sent me an iTunes gift card two years or maybe three years ago and I didn’t want to bother but I found it really suited me.

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