May the Mojo Hand Protect You

This looks quite auspicious. I managed to go back to sleep this morning after waking early. I might credit working a digital jigsaw of the Animalis Os Fortuna deck and Megan’s other deck the Azúcar Bone Oracle from a picture on her Etsy site. I always like to work jigsaws of decks while I wait for them. I wanted both decks but could only afford one, therefore I puzzle it.

Besides, who does not like a photograph of a deck with props and/or attendant figures? My thing, everybody sing. And I had to pull out a tray in the program to get all the coloured bits sorted and in place. Now I just have the joy of connecting those black and white patterns. Such a lovely deck of pattern and line. I had to stop because even with a tendon cuff this hurts my hand after a while but I did a bit which was joyous.

(Click to enlarge)


ACE OF SPADES – Protection from the mojo hand


The Six of Wands means victory to me, my favourite being the one that cemented this archetype in my mind, dear old Bertie on the Six of Wands in the Victoria Regina deck. Honours and perhaps successful team effort too.

The mojo hand is a hoodoo symbol. It’s like a charm you carry, the fire forming a ring of protection I expect from bad ju-ju. A friend of mine in South Africa is living where they are having riots and what they term “xenophobic” violence these past days. It’s pretty frightening as it seems to have gotten out of hand and people are being killed.

I offer up the mojo hand for her along with thoughts of victory over violence. My city isn’t burning, imagine how it would feel if yours was?




4 thoughts on “May the Mojo Hand Protect You

  1. That kind of violence can be very scary, as it has a way of spilling over onto innocent folks who have nothing to do with all the anger. Hope your South African friend will stay safe and out of harm’s way.

    I’m really enjoying watching you use the Portable Fortitude Playing Cards. 🙂

    • They’ve had trouble down there for years but it takes a toll on the economy and people’s savings etc.

      I absolutely LOVE these Portable Fortitude cards, a perennial favourite and the creator Corina Dross is a very good artist and thinker. She has such a depth of maturity, far great than I ever had in my 20s.

  2. Hey you god a great blog site here! Really nice layout. Looking forward to reading your posts! Im a subscribin’! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog re my cousin Carla!


    • Thanks, yes I hope Carla does well, so nice to see people living the dream. I didn’t realize when seeing you comment here and there that you were from Toronto. I grew up there and still live in the GTA.

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