A Graffiti Moment of Celebration

KING OF SPADES – The walls are the publishers of the poor. [Eduardo Galeano]

(I swear I did not pick Eduardo specifically after his death on the 13th, he just popped out.)


We received our tax rebate in the mail yesterday (earlier than expected) and my husband surprised me by saying I could order the Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot. So I did, and most definitely feel like a Three of Cups moment today.

It’s warming up, we went to the library for a fresh infusion of books yesterday and had the windows open. Today is supposed to be nice too. I’ve been getting my head around moving again. Yesterday while out, I saw a former co-worker which got me down, but then I thought “No, we are moving and starting a new life.”

The King of Spades in the system I use for playing cards, often symbolizes an older man, so I think he’s probably my husband, and he provides insight and direction. Thinking of walls and graffiti, as the King does, it might be a good day for journalling and drawing.

I’ll take that!





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