Database of Essential Meditations

I often bemoan the fact that Chronicle Books stopped publishing things like this. I think they discovered that they sold more of the decks in their City Walks series.

We often forget to bring quiet, meditative time into our lives. With a contemplative image and a simple guided exercise on each card, this portable deck provides an enjoyable entrée to the practice of meditation – helping you focus, reflect, and find balance.

In a pig’s eye, always the skeptic. They are actually just nice sturdy cards with lovely pictures. Could you ask for more? NO!


50 exercises for the mind and pretty darn cheap at the price. (Click to enlarge)


Chronicle Books, such a favourite publisher of mine, stopped the flow of such decks. Ratsenheimer. Fortunately I was able to buy a few before they stopped.

Nature’s Pharmacy Deck
Sandman: King of Dreams – 40 Collectible Postcards
The Breathe Easy Deck
The Deep Sleep Deck
The Essential Meditations Deck
The Healing Deck
The Perfect Calm Deck
The Relax Deck
The Yoga Deck
A Year in Japan Postcard Book
Genius Deck – 75 Color Puzzles
Wild Weather Cards (which I used as backing for bookmarks)
The Art of Instruction – 100 Postcards of Vintage Educational Charts

They seem to have switched to publishing postcard boxes. That’s something at least!


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