Bash Me with the Seven Again

I thought I’d used the book Personal Prophesy by Deborah Leigh again for playing cards. I’m not really into prophecy but I bought the book and it’s the only reference I have for playing cards. She has a few odd interpretations which I could never understand when they came up.

This being one of them.

Green-backed Trogon (Trogon viridis)

You can hear the sound they make here. I found it hard to understand the “cow” sound they make without a recording.


This is supposed to be about the rampant desire for sexual gratification and straight sexual attraction rather than love.

Deborah doesn’t seem to have a varying interpretation for women after menopause.

This is why I chucked the book. The cruel joke.

The bird itself is rather sedentary, doesn’t like to stray far or fly any distance. They have weak legs and basically like to chomp on fruit with their large bills and the odd insect while sitting under a canopy of leaves.

That does seem like me. I wonder why a bird would evolve to be like this? Perhaps it has something to do with excreting seeds where they sit, keeping new fruit trees growing?

Bloom where you are planted in other words; be what you are at this time.


4 thoughts on “Bash Me with the Seven Again

  1. I find oracles which are too vague difficult to use. I find cards which are unyielding (as with this one) equally hard to work with. I think I am still yet to find a system to work well with Playing Cards.

    After yesterdays ‘Look Right’ words of wisdom …

    Today we have ‘If in doubt, make up your own’.

    I like what you did with the bird. You went with how it is and it made sense. And it reads as a great interpretation, don’t you think?

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