Dave and Chimera at the Threshold

TWO OF FIRE (2 of Wands)


Jaunty Dave, out for a walk with the Chimera saw this cat sitting at a door. Upon asking the cat, the cat said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay or go.

Dave suggested there is opportunity ahead but to take all the time the cat needed to get ready for the new adventure.

When Dave and Chimera got back from their walk, Dave winked at me and said “This must be above you moving again” and I think he must be right.

Canny Dave always knows these things.



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2 Comments on “Dave and Chimera at the Threshold”

  1. chloetarot Says:

    Whoa, scary chimera 🙂 And that Dave, he’s such a smart chap!

    • JJ Says:

      While given responsibility in his old job with Gru, Dave often seemed confused, even silly, but he has really blossomed here.

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