In a Right Nettle



This was a bit shocking since nettle tea is supposed to have such beneficial properties. This looks like Urtica dioica which is the common or stinging nettle.

The booklet refers to how scentless and ugly the little green flowers are, and how the plant is valiantly defended by dreadful foliage and a most irritating fluid. It talks about immediate spontaneous distrust leading to cruelty and pain; also signifying that if you like being cruel, you could do it in a complementary manner. As if the very thing that stings, can be made into a nice tea or topical solution/ointment.

Nettle is supposed to do or help these things:

Herpetic (probably topical for cold sores)
Upper respiratory problems
Anti-allergenic, decongestant, expectorant, anti-histamine
Anodyne (pain relief)
Rubefacient (topical for reducing redness of the skin)
Styptic (stops bleeding)
Anthelmintic (expels worms)
Diuretic and anti-lithic/lithotrophic (increases urination, expels stones)
Galactagogue (increases lactation)

I imagine the diuretic properties help blood pressure and it’s also supposed to help lower blood sugar. Topically it seems to help several conditions and healing.

Hey, at least it has flowers, and calling them ugly is somewhat subjective. It’s actually quite a lovely if understated plant.

I have a bag of the loose, crushed leaves for tea; I should have a cup and learn to trust.




4 thoughts on “In a Right Nettle

    • This deck is a beautiful one Bev. It has all kinds of plants in it: edelweiss, dodder, rest-harrow, ammi, drosera, box, eryngium, buckbean, couch grass–very interesting things.

  1. My mother swears she can smell them by the way. We are out walking and suddenly she stops – there are nettles here… and there always is.

    I love nettles, and if you pick them carefully – with intent, they don’t sting.
    They are good for arthritis both internally and externally.

    • Your Mom must be really tuned in!

      I have seen nettles here but I didn’t realize it was a nettle, I just thought it was a weed. If the flowers aren’t out I don’t usually recognize them, but they do have beautiful leaves.

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