Stay Awake, Chew, Meditate

Today I grabbed the All About Tea Knowledge Cards which I like because they have so many interesting bits of information.

No individual graphics, so I have to add my own.




Stay awake seems to be the message for today! Two versions of the story have either a Buddhist monk or the founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma, trying to stay awake.

The first fellow unfortunately falls asleep and dreams of women and when he wakes up he tears his eyelids off in anger and repentance and throws them away. Later he discovers they have grown into a bush of Camellia sinensis, or tea, which helps sleepy people stay awake.

Similarly, Bodhidharma is trying to meditate and keeps falling asleep and chews on some leaves from a plant, which wakes him up and allows him to continue meditation. the plant is of course the wild tea plant.

I always find it fascinating to watch people pick tea leaves as you can only pick the new leaves at the top. This is regrowth and renewal and staying awake to possibilities for the day.




2 thoughts on “Stay Awake, Chew, Meditate

  1. Thanks for sharing those stories – I’ve never heard of either one. My problem seems to be staying asleep rather than staying awake these days. 😀
    Yet I can see, as you implied, the importance of being awake and aware instead of moving through the day as if it is “the same old same old.”

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