Waves and Water and the Confidence of Crows

This is one of my favourite cards from the deck. Today I see precarious tree roots with a crow building a nest, and a sand spit across the water.

It’s a beautiful place and an uncertain place. It seems very open to me with churning waves.

II OF CROWS (2 of Pentacles)


I always think “balance” with this card but I like the idea of adaptability with it too. You go with what is there.

I am stiff and in pain this morning. Some time during the night of my 5-hour sleep, my back and neck muscles just locked in tension, it’s quite painful as it affects my arms and legs and brings sciatica. Lordy loo, the same old loop.

So, I’m adapting like the crow and building despite the iffy surroundings and weather. Lots of water and veggies today, keep clearing out toxins.

Windswept trees keep growing, enjoying the sound of waves.




2 thoughts on “Waves and Water and the Confidence of Crows

  1. I like this Two of Pentacles version very much: making the most out of a not so perfect situation is a challenge most of us are confronted by at some time
    I do hope your day will be a good on despite you pain.:)

  2. Thanks Ellen, at the moment pain is pretty constant. I am still investigating food allergies with regard to it.

    Isn’t this a great card? Apart from brief reviews when it was published, I don’t see too many people using this or the Blue Dog Rose Tarot, yet I find them wonderful decks and always fresh and enlightening.

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