Quench and Feel, Alert to Possibilities



New endeavours, clever ideas, I think today I’ve got the more positive side of the Magus. All those good, inspirational things he brings, the self-confidence and determination.

I like a raccoon with this, the mask gives a hint of the darker, trickster side to the Magician, but also the animal highlights the energy and curiosity of the Magician. On a good day they are great to have around, very humorous and playful, bursting with ideas.

For today I’m thinking about healthy choices in food and drinking lots of water. I get weary of the roller coaster of health, so the piercing eyes of the Magician can help with that. He has his paws in water, not afraid to feel emotionally and cut through it with his intellect, and quenching his thirst physically and emotionally.

Drink from the life-sustaining river.



2 thoughts on “Quench and Feel, Alert to Possibilities

  1. In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Manifest or manifest not. Which all sounds good in theory, until life intervenes. 😀 My biggest hurdle is my “all or nothing” thinking. If I miss an opportunity or make a mistake, I want to throw in the towel and forget everything. I am trying a kinder, gentler way now; if I screw up, I give myself a do-over the next day. 🙂 At least this way I’m making some progress.

  2. That’s a tough one, the all or nothing thinking. I used to do that more, but I’m getting used to not achieving perfection. It’s still a wrangle in my mind to let it go but at least it’s more familiar now, I don’t get locked in as much. I suppose this is always a struggle to shake off that all or nothing feeling.

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