Database for Healing Symbols

This is a deck I call the Energy Healing Oracle (by Judith A. Johnston and Yvon Boulianne.)


The idea was developed initially by a French member of an online tarot group, Yvon Boulianne, who generously allowed downloads of 27 symbols in low resolution. I deleted five and added symbols drawn myself and some from an online symbol dictionary or public domain clip art for a total of 60 cards. I kept Energize but changed the picture.

I created a template in Photoshop with a nice border to contain the symbols and re-jigged them in high resolution for printing. I used the same font as the original (Embassy) and printed them on my inkjet printer in black ink on blue cardstock, and then sprayed them with a fixative.

I have them in a paper maché box where there is room to “grow” the deck and add symbols to it as the notion took me. I never did add to them as I felt 60 cards to be an adequate amount.

On the scan, the first six symbols and the last symbol were ones I added using online symbols and some from public domain clip art that I resized.


For copyright reasons this is not something I would sell or reproduce, but it was an interesting exercise for me in connecting words and symbols. For instance, the Distilling card is like a glass bottle (swan neck or goose neck type) that I remember Louis Pasteur using in his experiments, and it goes perfectly as a symbol for Distilling.

I once offered to write a book for an oracle when the creator wanted to connect the cards to herbs. She refused because she wanted a herbalist to write it, which never made sense to me since a good reference book and my own imagination in connecting things works fine. I create the system and symbols, and make it fit together. There is no magic to it, just common sense and personal interest. Needless to say she never wrote or paid for a book to go with that deck which is shame.

I often tell people that you can create your own decks and systems and make them believable. I made my own Lenormand deck and write-up, and I expanded on these symbols, more than doubling the symbols and words, expanding it with concepts that were meaningful to me, to make an entire deck.

Why? I was interested.

Creativity is not motivated by running and marketing a business and potential sales, it’s about developing interesting ideas, using your mind and experience in interesting ways, applying yourself just because an idea fascinates you. Any successful business has an idea behind it. That idea, the initial spark, is not to make money, it’s about developing an interest or idea that you hold in your mind.

Test that theory yourself.



4 thoughts on “Database for Healing Symbols

  1. These are wonderful! The “loosen up” one is perfect for me today. I agree – the best decks (or any creation) are those whose subject someone was passionate about, that grew from a deep interest. What a shame the herb deck lady didn’t allow you to write the book; I know it would have been a great one!

    • The strange thing was, it wasn’t a herb deck, so I don’t know what all the fuss was about. Any competent writer with a comprehensive book on herbs and an interest in plants and meaning could have applied parallels and carefully written a great system to tie into the cards. She could have done it herself but “didn’t have the time.”

      I think in retrospect, she just wanted someone else to do the work but didn’t want to pay for it. Also, I think some people get hung up on “accredited” people. Nonsense, a book is good because someone took the time to make it good, not because an “accredited” person with no knowledge of the deck spent a week dashing off a piece of crap.

      Oh, I hope it went well today for you Bev.

  2. I really like these. And I also like the energy and thought behind just getting them the way you like them and printing them out for use.

    As you know, I have made quite a few oracles and decks just for my own use. The motivation was always creative and for my own use. It’s something I really enjoy to do and recommend anyone has a go, however they choose to do it. Commitment is a powerful thing.

    I also think you’d have written a great book. One day.

    • I have enjoyed many of your decks and cards over the years, it’s great to see the newer ones.

      One day someone will come by and say “I need to tie in logical positivism to my new deck and I need your help.” I am definitely the person to do this since I excel at putting disparate ideas together. I could write a great book on a number of decks, but I like to have that visual to fully blossom as a writer.

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