Stay a While Winged Black One

As yet, I haven’t found a crow figure to go with this deck. Considering a whole suit is devoted to crows, I hope I stumble across one. I’ll have to start looking at erasers and key chains for crows to see if I can scrounge one up. There are several decks with good crow cards here and there but I like this one.

QUEEN OF CROWS (Queen of Pentacles)


I often see the plodding earthiness of this suit with the Knight of Pentacles, not so much with the Queen, but that’s what I feel today.

It’s a day for letting the flock fly on while you stop and speak to other little creatures on the ground like this sparrow. Feel a fallen tree under your claws, smell the grass, look up at the sky but stay put. Let’s be honest, they are probably talking about Dave’s new lambs and wanting to go see them in the barn.

Happy Sunday!




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