Group Lambing in Cold Barns

Dave was in the barn all week helping Tilly and Tulip give birth to their lambs. Tilly had twins! On the left is Tilly with her twins Biscuit (lying down) and Nell. To the right Tulip looks very proud of her lamb Topsy.


Dave was a bit punchy after little sleep and kept dozing off when an unidentified squirrel came by and asked for the Badgers Forest Tarot. Dave thought he was asking for a “budgie feather duster,” that’s how out of it he was after his exciting nights in the cold barn.

NINE OF FIRE (9 of Wands)


I keep wanting to say “Hail, hail the gang’s all here” when I look at this card. Essentially, this is like Dave and his flock, a complete circle. They have some work to do and are just getting ready for it. Being in a group can be a bit tricky though, so they need to enclose everyone, to accept everyone in the flock.

Yes, even Nell the talkative one, and that bloody squirrel nattering on and on about badgers.




4 thoughts on “Group Lambing in Cold Barns

  1. Ha ha ha, in the seeing what we expect to see category, I didn’t notice the squirrel til the second time I looked at the photo 😀 Very unusual Nine, in company rather than alone. It’s easier to push on with support at your back…

    • The squirrel is one I’ve wanted for a while to go with the Badgers Forest–some squirrels in that. These Schleich figurines aren’t expensive, about $4 to $7 for most in the size I want, but when you buy several it adds up, so I don’t have the $$$ to buy them all at once.

      Thornton W. Burgess wrote “Chatterer the Red Squirrel” which was a book I grew up reading.

      Dave has lots of support now–a regular little flock of his own.

  2. Congrats for a job well done to Tilly and Tulip. Dave should think about vet school. 🙂
    That Nine of Wands makes me think of the teaching tale about the stick bundle – separately the sticks are easily broken, but together they are tough to break.

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