At the Beach with a Wet Dave

I am having a time with my arm, so have to limit computer use for a while. I thought I’d draw a card on the issue.

FIVE OF SEA (5 of Cups)


Ain’t that the truth? This cat has taken a little spill into the water, how humiliating, such wounded pride.

“Pull yourself together and try again” says the book. This is more about dampened spirits than pride for me today. Pain is like the shock of falling into the water unexpectedly.

It takes time to get over it, to let the muscles come back to normal, to pick the spirits up. Still, it’s sunny and he won’t take long to dry off. When he’s dry he can go into that little folly and gaze out at the clouds and sea, watch the waves swirl around the rocks.

Dave has had the vet in, and it looks like Tulip and Tilly are going to have lambs. Dave was pretty excited about this. They are consulting the Power Tarot book, in the garden of course. It looks more like the garden of art history than an outside garden because we still have snow outside. Dave is an imaginative guy.



3 thoughts on “At the Beach with a Wet Dave

  1. Oh my, I just love that cat’s expression! I wonder, too, whether the card has something useful to say about the pain – is it worse when the weather is damp? Could applying warm heat help?
    Hope your arm feels better today!

  2. I haven’t noticed it being worse with rain, however the hot water bottle is like nirvana for it–very soothing. Part of the problem is constant muscle spasms, so heat helps the muscles relax.


    • Hmm, I shall have to think about the hot water bottle: my son gets muscle spasms. Not sure how localised they are, though…

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