Lojong #3

Lojong #3
Examine the nature of unborn awareness.


This is about awareness, how we think we are something, we label it, tie it to objects, or trot out our stories about ourselves, but awareness of “me” is another feeling, a mysterious unknown. Every now and then we grasp this, if we can let the rational babble go and simply sit without it. The light dawns on this thing we are.

For me, this is akin to Wayne Dyer’s phrase “The secret that sits in the centre and knows” for which Bev’s photograph of the shell provides an echo. Find yourself under all those emotions, and sensations. It’s identifiable but it’s not what you think of as your identity. Norman Fischer says it’s a “feeling of presence” a profound and mysterious thing. He also says that the “burden” of this card is to recognize this fact and train in it.

Bev explains more on her blog post for this card. All our memories are stored in the brain and they can generate emotion or identity quite readily. This is “born” awareness. But underneath that is the awareness that has no labels for things, and does not sort and categorize, does not get overridden by emotions, and this is “unborn” awareness.

The burden for this is that to access or recognize this is hard for us at first since we are so used to the other way. Training by meditation, letting the learned identity go, will provide understanding of this.

I suppose some think this feeling of presence is God, we really don’t know. But the feeling of something more substantial than your normalized identity is profound and it flickers in and out of awareness.

We really don’t know what we are, do we? We can say we are human, we are a species that lives on Earth, but beyond the biological things, we have no idea other than this fleeting perception that underneath it all there is something mysterious, something else, some other “me” than the identity we carry around in our minds.




4 thoughts on “Lojong #3

  1. You really have a good understanding of a very abstract subject! This was one of the harder slogans to explain on a practical level. I am currently reading “Without the Buddha I could not be a Christian” with the book club. It is a way to see god not as a “he” but as this sense of unborn awareness and “inter-being.”

    • I’ve become quite ecumenical as I age, or perhaps it’s closer to term it as “beyond ecumenism” to spread it wider, so prefer books that speak of such interrelatedness. I’ll go look that book up.

      It was a very abstract subject…elusive. I had to ponder it for several hours. But I think people fundamentally understand there is something unborn because we feel it now and then.

    • It is stunning, and the shell is nestled in white clover. I have white clover in my lawn and it also reminds me of the Lenormand Clover card.

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