Database in a Selection of Colours

I don’t see The Secret Language of Color Cards around too often but a few years ago I saw this on another blog with some quotes from the book and thought it had some depth. I am very particular about colour, so this was great for me and if you’re interested, it is still in print.


What I like about such decks is that they work so well with other cards, either pulled as a secondary card or matched in colour. I think these would be fabulous as a writing or artistic prompt.

I once wrote several essays using a gold card from the Dreaming in Color Luman deck, along with similarly coloured cards from other decks; about 21 in all. It turned into a long and satisfying study of a colour I don’t much like and a ramble through current events and history and characters in history or mythology. The Secret language of Color deck could be used the same way, and I can see having fun pulling out other cards that reflect each colour and writing about it.

As an example, here is a draw when I first got the deck. I forgot to cite the author for the quote, but it’s from the excellent poetry book Braided Creek by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser. It’s one of my favourite books of all time. Poetry and colour, what a perfect match!


The images are photographs, huge close-ups highlighting the relevant colour. I don’t have too many photographic decks but this was done so well and really gives a sense of saturated colour. I find that very inspiring. (Click to enlarge.)


Inna Segal has also written a book on healing called The Secret Language of Your Body which sounds interesting. There are many ideas related to healing and colour in this deck too.

Overall it’s a good pick-me-up deck and one that is good for creative tangents.




4 thoughts on “Database in a Selection of Colours

  1. That does look rather lovely! And might be good for me and my Dear One, who often argue about what colour something is (apricot or orange, for instance) 😀

    • I have a bit of trouble reproducing the colours with my scanner but it is a fine deck Chloe. Sometimes I find the simple decks that no one talks about turn out to be the best.

  2. You are such an enabler woman! 😀 I’ve got a bid on this deck on Ebay and will be searching for the Kooser/Harrison book at the library. The eye of an artist and the heart of a poet – no wonder I love your blog so much.

    • Ah that’s so nice Bev, I hope you get the deck. I think it would go very well with some of the Lojong cards using some colour matching.

      My card decks are what brought me back to poetry. I have always loved it and still have childhood poetry books, but when I got my cards and started getting themed decks (like Chinese or Japanese ones) I would buy the odd book of poetry. Then I started writing poetry again.

      A gentleman from a reading list I was on recommended that Harrison/Hooser book. He used to read Walden every Spring and the poetry book was one that he started reading like that. Even my husband likes it and pulls it out to read–unheard of with any other poetry book except Robert Burns for him.

      It’s a “gold” book–more precious than gold. Gems of the human condition.

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