A Pearly Day

I slept in until 12:30 after being awake during the night. I apologized to the spouse for a ratty remark I made last night, and after lunch got going on a sketch. After three hours I had to take a break for the day. Onward tomorrow!

Connect to the Divine


Pearl is a particular shade of white that calms, purifies and promotes faith. Clarity because pearls can go a funny, dull colour if you don’t wear them—I like that. Pearly light, pearly gates, heaven, truth, and a connection between body, mind, emotions, and soul. Also the idea here of surrounding yourself with healing light from the Divine Spirit.

I think for me, drawing and painting, even though it’s just in a sketchbook, really help me calm down and have more joyous feelings about being alive. That’s a hard reach some days, but the flow of art is a good one, a corridor to the Divine in some way, accessing the best part of the soul.

Jesus can’t decide if he wants olive green or teal in my sketch. Big J. likes a bit of colour you know. “Try the teal Judy he says” while I contemplate our pearly connection.




4 thoughts on “A Pearly Day

  1. I like these cards; I’m a sucker for color (which is why I bought the Dreaming in Color deck years ago).
    Dang, all those years I talked to JC, I never got a return answer. Of course we weren’t talking about color or art… 😀

    • Don’t forget, JC was a carpenter and probably creatively designed his own furniture. Creative types always enjoy a natter about colour and art.

  2. I have a lovely pearl necklace from my grandma, but they are natural pearls, in chocolate and pink. Still, they help me connect to my departed favourite gran, even if not so lofty as a conversation with JC 😀

    • Grans are good, I never knew mine as they died before I was born.

      What a lovely thing to have something like that from her. My mother had a natural pearl necklace which my oldest sister got after Mom’s death.

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