Ghosts in Death Rise Up

I’m behind again due to insomnia and muscle pain—the same refrain.



Well, I will definitely not care about leaving this body behind. I like Lunaea’s thought that when you die, the life lived in your body is complete, not a sad thing, but a completion.

Time to let something go, rise out of the pain, release what is finished.

I am working on my sketchbook today which will be nice. My arm is very sore but I shall chip away at it. I am but a ghost of my former imaginative glory, but I like to draw. I’m getting carpal tunnel flare-ups as well as tendinitis. That is tiresome.

A new day though.

Ask me if I’m thrilled. Sigh.



5 thoughts on “Ghosts in Death Rise Up

  1. I was talking to a woman about being cremated when I die, and she (with a horrified look on her face) asked me how my body was going to get “resurrected” that way. I told her that would imply that I believed in something I didn’t believe in. I have no idea what happens after death, but I honestly don’t think if there is a something it will need the coat of this physical body.

    Do epsom salt or lavender baths help at all? Or meditation? If you can’t get away from the pain physically, I do hope you can find a mental escape. Hugs to you.

    • She’s probably one of those people who believe the Earth is only ten thousand years-old too. Why would an omniscient god need a body to resurrect anyone? Boggles the mind how people take snippets of written words and put them together with the bias of their own beliefs and call it true.

      I can’t get in and out of the bath right now. Epsom salts have too much salt, I’d absorb them and my blood pressure would shoot up. Oooh, I’d love a nice, soaking bath in hot water, but alas not doable. Lavender–I have lavender in the garden, what a neat idea to float it in the bath.

  2. Yes, if a God could reverse the yicky decomposition of a rotting body or simple bones, why would that God balk at ashes? 😀
    Tapping and hypnosis might also be worth trying for the pain…

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