Silver Colour of Persistence

Although I only had five hours of sleep, I had journalled about getting things done today and taking action rather than letting anxiety build over several tasks I’ve been procrastinating about. As soon as I awoke I got going on finishing something.

I finished a necklace and mailed it and got my income taxes started, then I showered and dressed and made homemade soup, did a laundry and tidied up a bit. I had quite a bit more energy than I usually do, partly due to not taking something to make me sleep; the trade-off being little sleep. I also ate properly and not too much, no treats and lots of water.

27. SILVER – Be Persistent


So this is all about persistence and calming nervous tension, strengthening healing through purification, flushing toxicity clarity, strengthening intention and resolve.

“I am confident, clear, and persistent. Wonderful things now flow into my life at the perfect time.”

This really did manifest today!

Right before I did this draw I accidentally deleted my alphabetical list of card decks. Aaagh. Fortunately I had backed it up last October so I loaded that and entered six decks and saved another copy with today’s date. Now I’ll back it up on a stick. Then I have to enter the new Mystical Cats Tarot into my visual database and I’m caught up.




2 thoughts on “Silver Colour of Persistence

  1. Well done for not letting your anxiety and lack of sleep immobilize you. It’s easy for me to spin my wheels and not go anywhere when I get in that place.
    That is an interesting looking oracle deck!

  2. Thanks Bev. I like days that open with anxiety and then close with a feeling of overcoming it.

    I saw this deck a few years ago on someone else’s blog and felt I’d like it since colour is so important to me. The book is good too, it was an unexpected delight.

    It’s also great for mixing with other decks based on colours or with photographs based on colour–all kinds of ways.

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