Leaping Harlequin Great Danes

THREE OF FIRE (3 of Wands)


I love those gambolling Harlequin Great Danes on The Chariot in this deck. I once wanted one of those dogs but they are not as long-lived as other breeds. I like that the one on the right looks bouncier, a bit ready to tear off, while the dog on left looks a little steadier. There is a nice black and white balance to that.

I don’t like the glow behind the cat on this deck as it seems to override all the other interesting things on the card, including the cat.

Focused attention and will, which is something I need to apply to a drawing but my arm has gone a bit kerflooey again. This guy though is in charge of his destiny, so no object (or ruined arm) will deter him!

I really, really like this new take on the Three. There is always some ambiguity to this card in that the classic Rider-Waite version shows a man looking at a ship out to sea, but you don’t know if the ship is coming in or leaving or what the circumstances are.

Similarly in this card, the cat has seen something and is ready to leap, but is he leaping into new adventures and creativity or leaping too soon without thinking it over? Risk and challenge can be good or bad. He says to me “Just paint the darn gouache on the paper Judy.”

I sometimes get the feeling that my cards get fed up with my dithering and perfectionism.




10 thoughts on “Leaping Harlequin Great Danes

    • Well that makes me feel better. I wanted to do two things but on different coloured paper, so we can defer for a couple of days, no problem.

      We want to have fun with it and enjoy the process.

  1. I love how you read animal cards. Personally, I’d say the dane on the right is saying, “Look! A squirrel!” and the one on the left is saying, “Where?”

    Here I am, reading your blog, procrastinating, dithering…

    • Hah! The Procrastinating Ditherers, a society for evolved types who like drawing implements.

      Jess I actually got my drawing done and ready for transferring onto coloured paper with a lightbox. So, this post helped me. I had to leave it for today as my arm hurts but I spent 30 minutes at it.

      Does this mean I’m not a total loss??? (googly eyes)

  2. “The Procrastinating Ditherers” – sign me up for tea and scones. 🙂
    I was sitting at the hospital for several hours, so I had some time to play with my pen and colored pencils. I’m not even close to being finished, but at least I started! 😀

    • No pressure, those are our two watchwords Bev.

      I often see stuff in sketchbooks of people drawing at hospitals. I would think that would be quite a calming thing in such an anxious environment.

  3. The Three of Fire cat makes me think of how they chase insects – might get a tasty moth, or get stung by a hornet… 🙂 Glad to hear you managed half an hour. As you said before, even 10 minutes a day works out as a lot of time in the end 😀

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