Dave, the Magus of Soft Gel Medium

I – CAT MAGIC (The Magician)


I love all the herbs and potions and the alchemist at work spinning things in the air. You really get the feeling that this cat is a powerful magician who can do anything.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to glue this tuckbox I was trying to make. I put the cards in the box Llewellyn included with this set. We all complain about these boxes, they are always too big and the cards slop around. This time two of my cards nearly got damaged by getting caught in the inner flap. I nearly tore one of them, so had to take action.

I regularly re-use the large box that decks come in and repurpose them as tuckboxes for decks that are not packaged in a tuckbox securely. As well as the generic white Llewellyn box there are other plastic and cardboard wells from various publishers that tend to chew cards up. I have made tuckboxes from regular 60 lb cardstock but if you drop them they tear, so using the outer box is sturdier.

Most boxes have adequate lamination that the outer layer folds up okay. This one didn’t, there are a few odd splits in the box where the graphic pulled away from the underlying white cardboard. It is very heavy and sturdy though and a custom fit for the deck.

Dave had to step in and help me glue things and weight them down. It doesn’t look too bad and most of all the cards will be secure and in no danger of being pulled apart.


I also cut a snippet of the remaining box to use as a custom bookmark with the book.

The Magician focuses on the positive and bringing what she desires.The Golden Soft Gel (Matte) medium helped as well. This cat knows that having art supplies readily at hand are vital for magical rituals.

Cat magic takes all forms in the ether.



6 thoughts on “Dave, the Magus of Soft Gel Medium

  1. The lovely detail in this artwork is fantastic. I keep trying to talk myself out of ordering this deck. 😀 That is so funny that you use the big boxes to make little boxes for your decks – I do the same thing! I use shirt gift boxes sometimes when the big boxes are too thick to work with. No glue for me though – I use clear box tape instead (I’m too impatient).

  2. I really like this deck. It just made me happy to have it although I wasn’t looking for a deck. There are some great moments in it.

  3. I sidestep the whole box issue and put my decks in bags. I’m dreadful with scissors and glue, but my knitting is sufficient for bags 😀
    Love that sentence: “This cat knows that having art supplies readily at hand are vital for magical rituals.” And I love the magic you work with those art supplies!

    • I used to make and sell sewn and embroidered tarot bags for three years.

      I still haven’t knit a bag but I downloaded a couple of free patterns last month so I might have a go. What puts me off knitting them is the weight of the decks and having to line the knitting with fabric because of that. Once I get a pattern and work out the dimensions of the lining I,d like to try that.

      Thanks about the art supplies. It took me years to build them up but it’s so nice just to be able to pull out things and work with them.

    • I was lucky to learn from my Mom as a teenager, but mostly about 12 years before she died I went out on the bus for a visit, and she gave me one of her patterns and showed me how to use double-pointed needles.

      I still remember that so well, we were up on the flying bridge of their boat in the sun and every time I made a mistake Mom was able to fix it. She’s been dead for 22 years now and knitting is a small part of her I still carry.

      Crochet on the other hand is excruciatingly bothersome–I never picked that up.

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