Tom of the Earth, Ever Ready Dave

In Lunaea’s notes she says that this cat is single and doesn’t have a mate or children but he still keeps watch, ready to leap in and protect. That little kitten could have fallen down that crack in the earth. Had there been rain he would have drowned but for Earth Tom acting quickly.

EARTH TOM (Knight of Pentacles)


This is the card I call “Old Stodgy” or “The Stodger” because of the Knight in the Thoth deck, standing steady under the sun in the wheat field. Every ready to help, to rescue.

Steady work, helping others, just plodding along, standing watch.

Dave I think might have just pulled his personal card.

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2 Comments on “Tom of the Earth, Ever Ready Dave”

  1. tarottiferet Says:

    Good old Stodgy Dave.

    This is one of my favourite cards. I like the Knight of Pentacles a lot. I have learned to appreciate him within myself.

    • JJ Says:

      Perhaps his stability and steadfastness appeals to us as we get older and realize that life is not terribly stable or safe?

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