Database in Ogier Olive

Back to doing Database Monday on Tuesday because I forgot again. I forgot again for about two weeks.

I have found over the years that the Vacchetta Tarot works well with other decks, as a second card. It really works well with Dame Fortune’s Wheel if you have a copy of both. I must get back to these two.


This is my printed copy of the Vacchetta Tarot. Years ago at they had a free downloadable version. I cleaned it up in Photoshop and then coloured the linework olive and printed it on cream-coloured cardstock. Then I made a bag for it from an olive-coloured tie-dyed looking fabric with some silk ribbon embroidery and a swatch of a beaded dress a friend had worn to a wedding. (Click to enlarge.)


I also made a handmade tuckbox for it, smudged up with pastels to emulate tie-dye and with a collage from a wrapping paper accented with gold ink. Gee, I used to have such a lot of energy.

While sorting through the blog to see when I’d used it, I came across this interesting post. It’s a tie-in to Ogier, the Knave of Swords on the Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot (the name is a nod to the characters on playing cards of which Ogier is a classic.) Maybe only interesting to me but I liked it. All the Knights and chivalry and old battles.

That post was done five years ago, I am no longer in my middle age but over it, my armour rusting. Contemplating the Dear Departed Past and Charlemagne.

Oh but years ago I made this marvellous deck and sang a song of Roland.


4 thoughts on “Database in Ogier Olive

  1. I look back on my life and wonder how I had the time and energy to be so creative while balancing family and a job. I guess we move from outer creativity to inner as we age. Or maybe I’m just more choosy about how I use my free time. I’ll have to think more about this (creatively of course, lol :D).

  2. When you’re younger you need to explore to find out what you like and what you enjoy or are good at, that sort of thing. Plus you get married and have children and a lot of things you do for others or to make a home. You are heavily influenced by others too.

    Then when you get in your fifties, you start paring away the stuff that was fun to learn but does not hold up long term. You also bring back stuff you let go (like drawing and painting!) and it fills a gap. You can make your own mind up and buck the influence of others easily at this age.

    I often tell people that I saw menopause referred to as “reverse puberty” which is not quite accurate biologically, but it is in some way emotionally. All the things you let go from late childhood and early adulthood that you feel you shouldn’t have–we get to bring it back, we get to choose this time what to do, whereas when young we might not have chosen because of the influence of others.


    Let’s try gouache on coloured paper….I know you want to!

    • Gouache is a bit tricky because the lower layer wets again when you put new colours over. However, you can layer coloured pencils over it well.

      I just have the el-cheapo Reeves set Bev–works okay for the sketchbook.

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