Dave and I Sort Out Identification

Dave was helping me draw a patella so he is a bit late using his new Mystical Cats Tarot.

I liked this deck the minute I saw it and Lunaea’s book is excellent with some fresh commentary. At some point when I get the energy I’ll do a discussion of it.

Dave and the sheep went to visit Kuan Yin and her cat Lotus Blossom in poetry corner. Kuan Yin can always be found by The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats, contemplating life and death and the Wild Swans at Coole. In the past week Dave decided to name his sheep friends: the Shropshire is Tulip and her companion is Tilly.

Before we begin, a visual identification of the cast (click to enlarge):


So what’s our card today Dave?

FIVE OF SKY (5 of Swords)


Lotus Blossom has taken a particular interest in this deck.

The poor little Sphynx cat on the card is being bullied by the neighbourhood toughs. I love that Mickie has even drawn graffiti on the wall in the alley.

If you can’t win the battle it’s better to leave, as you can’t reason with closed minds or hearts. Being mean is a hollow victory.

There is also a twinge here of taking on the persona of the wounded survivor, which reminds me of my comments about the betrayal of friends in my last post. The reverse of this card cautions against identifying yourself with your traumas, which is unbalanced and gives the people that hurt you power.

I never thought of it like that, there are two sides to identification and closed minds.





15 thoughts on “Dave and I Sort Out Identification

  1. That is a good point about choosing your labels wisely. It’s like having a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe trailing behind me. I might not consciously be aware of it, but others sure are.
    The artwork looks great on this one. I do hope you have more time to spend with this deck (so you can share it with the rest of us :D).

    • I’ll be using it for daily draws but I usually like to do comparisons with decks I like. I have such low energy this month I didn’t think I’d get around to it soon.

      But certainly, lots of draws. There are so many really good cards in this deck.

  2. Kuan Yin is the perfect one for this draw, then, with her message of compassion for all: ourselves and our detractors.
    Some people complain about the jewellry on the cats in this deck, but overall I think it’s very well done. Cats in cat situations rather than just in human situations 🙂

  3. One thing I’ve learned from Pema Chodron et al. is that compassion for yourself is key. Strange that Christianity bypasses that, which is probably why fundamental Christians show little compassion for others. If you can’t feel love and compassion for yourself, then you can’t direct it outward.

    People are complaining about the jewellery??!!! Holy cow, this reminds me of why I don’t hang around forums. Who cares? The art is an interpretation, while noticing some jewels, particularly on the Queens and Kings, all I saw were cats. Cats are the focus, I see cats.

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