Heaven and Happiness, Circle and Flower

MANDALA – “The more one gives, the greater becomes one’s love.” [Flower A. Newhouse]


Perhaps good happiness comes from the south?

I am not terribly open to love. It seems that as I get older I am out of practice. Truthfully, betrayal by supposed friends hit critical mass for me some years ago and closed me up. Some of us aren’t good at the lovey-dovey stuff, and all the books or quotes in the world don’t seem to undo that. Maybe that’s the Wisdom here, that Good and Happiness can also radiate for those of us who aren’t used to radiating love?

I became curious about who Flower Newhouse was; she was a Christian mystic of all things.

And here is the retreat she and her husband founded:

Still going, and here’s is information from the site about movement in a circle, which seems very close to many of the New Age rituals people use today and also Tai Chi; ancient wisdom we remember in different ways.

“Located adjacent to our Labyrinth is our Paneurhythmy Circle. Paneurhythmy is a system of meditative movements set to sacred music that was brought to the world by the Bulgarian Christian Mystic, Master Peter Deunov, between the years of 1932 and 1942. He teaches that this sacred dance of life unites heaven and earth through a series of twenty-eight easily learned movements in rhythmic circular walking dance. This sacred dance applies the principles of love, wisdom and truth and is a method of balancing the physical, mental and spiritual forces within man.”

That goes very well with the mandala today. Imagine learning this through a card. That’s what I love about cards. I love my cards, maybe I could love humans? Not quite back there yet. I’m closed up like the rose on this card.

Living is a labyrinth, you walk a bit to find the way out, enjoying the interesting dead ends and backtracking and being enclosed for a while. Then you leap out dancing one day, uniting heaven and earth.





6 thoughts on “Heaven and Happiness, Circle and Flower

  1. Had to laugh when I clicked the link and saw the painting of Jesus as a white man. 😀 But I suppose all of our gods look like us – made in our image. I doubt we’d want them otherwise.
    I’m one of those with plenty of scar tissue around my heart. I can be compassionate, but to open up and be vulnerable with another person takes time. I have to learn to trust first. Of course the cosmic joke is that being human, we’re all fallible and will (intentionally or unintentionally) cause another pain at some point.

  2. I nearly cracked a rib laughing at that Pitt/Jesus combo. I’m currently reading “Zealot” about the historical Jesus (Aslan the author sees him as a reformer rather than a deity). Makes more sense to me.

    • That sounds like a good book. I’ll go look it up. I haven’t a hope of getting it in our library but it might be worth an inter-library loan.

      We tend to forget also how illiterate people were taught to believe. Hence the stereotypical Jesus.

  3. I can relate to the closed up rose. Being disappointed, hurt and left too many times, it has become hard for me to open up to somebody and trust wholeheartedly. Luckily I like my own company 🙂

  4. I think many people would benefit from learning to be alone. Many people who get frantic at the thought of solitude. It’s really not bad at all.

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