Fire and Growth, Herding Mandalas

MANDALA: “You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.” [Indira Gandhi]

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I always find The Compass of Fate a good deck to use in conjunction with other decks.

What I thought of with these two Compass cards was the way people often burn off grass or heather and then let it regrow. Controlled burns can be used as fire breaks, or to burn dead grass and leaves that could possibly fuel a forest fire. Some plants need fire to help their seeds grow, and yet fire will often kill off weeds and weed seeds. New growth is appealing to animals for grazing and rabbits for instance like fresh, young seedlings to nibble on.

The quote by Indira Gandhi is about opposites, about resolving opposite emotions. Perhaps about the control you have in mind no matter what surrounds you. You control the burn of the mind anywhere you happen to be.

Rather than a destructive thing, fire here seems about stewardship, about helping living things. The shapes in the mandala remind me of shoulders. I am having a lot of trouble with tendinitis in my arms and perhaps rotator cuff injury or arthritis in both my shoulders; the yellow buds in the centre like the sharpness of pain.

I need to burn off the harmful toxins that have seeped into my soft tissues. To control the burn I need water too. If limited in movement, I can still be vibrantly alive.

The word “Herdsman” reminds me of Dave the Minion and his sheep. My Mystical Cats Tarot has finally shipped after being on backorder, and new grasses will appear to graze.




4 thoughts on “Fire and Growth, Herding Mandalas

  1. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately for copyright reasons it would be impossible for me to do.

    Hey, they license Minions for figurines and plush toys and stuff, you’d think someone would do a licensed Minion Tarot or oracle. Think of the props.

    • Thanks Bev, it hasn’t gotten better yet–takes a while. I do however have copious amounts of salt oozing out of my fingers and mouth. Crazy body.

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