Schiffer Picks Up Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot

Finally someone has recognized that this deck needs wider distribution. Thank you Schiffer. Ash will be writing a book too, which I know will be fabulous. I updated my review of the deck to reflect this news but I was just too excited, and had to speak of it.

Ash Goh deserves it.



UPDATE: Never assume anything! I was surprised that a couple of tarot people and collectors who read my blog had not heard of this deck. So here are my links:

1) All the posts I have done using this deck, and there are many.

2) My review which took two years because I couldn’t seem to let go of this deck and finish during a long period of poor health.

It is unfortunate that black and white decks don’t sell as well (everybody go buy the Tarot of the Absurd by Jessica Shanahan too.) I also think Ash got somewhat ghettoized in the “dark deck” genre, which was unfortunate because I have never found it dark.

When you publish a deck, the art necessarily has a lot of you and your experience in it. Ash has had ups and downs in life as we all do, and it is reflected in this deck. But in no way is it dark, I found it just the opposite, very uplifting and full of the depth of the human condition. It reflects reality, which gives it more meaning.

Yup, this is something special. In fact, this morning I wrote about it in my Gratitude Journal, for it is a deck I am truly grateful for.


8 thoughts on “Schiffer Picks Up Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot

    • You’ve never seen it? I’ve used it the most of all my decks, and wrote an extensive review of it.

      I’ll update the post with a link to all that.

      • Thanks for those links – loving reading back over it 🙂 Maybe I saw some of them but didn’t twig. As you say, the Tarot of the Absurd is also a fabulous deck! 🙂

        • I often don’t twig to things. Hahahaha.

          We Stratos Dwellers have to come down to Earth to assimilate information. (Star Trek reference #689)

      • Thanks for your links. I love those little elements (like the needle you mentioned with the camel) to be included in decks! A book would be very helpful in navigation of the deck and the artist’s ideas though, so I’m glad Schiffer will include one. The Absurd is one of my favorites. 😀

        • Ash is very articulate and has numerous stories about each card so I know the book will be enlightening.

          The Absurd is one of my favourites too. People have this bias against black and white decks but I like them a lot.

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