The Limitless Year of the Sheep

Man it is cold up here, –31 degrees Celsius. We have a long shopping list on the fridge that we need to go to a larger town for. I can’t decide whether to go out or leave it until next week. So for a change, I’ll ask a question about going out today and draw two cards.



The Knave or Page of Pentacles is a card of limitless possibilities, like the way you feel when you’re 18 and your whole life is ahead of you. You can do anything, you have lots of ideas, everything is open.

Luxury sounds like a good card but it’s a card of too much luxury, and perhaps an indication that the party has got to end.

So for my question: we did go shopping before the party ended.

And something else………..


Dave got his sheep. The one on the left is a Shropshire, and the one on the right did not specify the breed but it looks like a Polypay.

Oh, to be young again like Dave the Knave.




6 thoughts on “The Limitless Year of the Sheep

    • He’s a goer isn’t he? All this stuff about sheep breeds and breeding programs is something he has made a database about, complete with pictures. Essentially, he was out of work until the sheep breeding thing hit him. So nice to see him busy and happy again.

  1. Dave looks very happy with his two fuzzy buddies. He’s probably going to snuggle in between them to keep warm. My brain (and body) can’t imagine -31 temperatures. I would have to put on every article of clothing I own; I’d end up looking like the Michelin tire man.

    • It’s Bib the Michelin Man! I do actually know Bib since we get commercials on TV with him.

      -31 Celsius is about -24 Fahrenheit, so still cold. It’s the kind of cold that makes you cough when you go outside–the lungs can’t take it too well.

    • It is pretty miserably cold Graham. We are counting the days until Spring. The robins usually arrive around March 10th, so not too long to go.

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