The Arachnid Minion in the Year of the Sheep



Still waiting for the Mystical Cats Tarot, Dave came home from the post office today, shouted “Chinese New Year” and decided he liked this card from the Animal Messages deck.

Travel will open up new possibilities and one special connection.

Dave has been travelling to make a special connection with me. The idea of touching, sensing things even if you don’t see them, is something Dave is interested in. He has been helping me find old blue fabrics by touch.

Dave is now wanting a sheep figure.



6 thoughts on “The Arachnid Minion in the Year of the Sheep

  1. Tell Dave I hear they have a lot of sheep in Scotland. When my mom visited there with a group, a young man came up with a lamb and offered to take pictures of people holding it as a souvenir. The guide later told them he “borrowed” the lambs he used, but none of the locals did anything about it since he always took good care of them and returned them later. 🙂

    • Oh wow, I can’t believe the tourist-y thing.

      I know I can get a bighorn sheep figure (and I also have a bighorn sheep in the Badgers Forest deck), but I like the sheep with the black faces, as you see in Scotland (Scottish Blackface) or England (Suffolk.)

      I also like Herdwick, Cotswold and Shropshire sheep too.

      Oh-oh, this sounds like it might lead to trying to hunt down figures of specific sheep breeds. Not to worry, Dave is on the job….

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