Shoe Fitting

I woke up this morning with an impulse to organize some doll things, including buying Strider some shoes.

He and his girlfriend Rue Esmé consulted Rue’s Rohrig Tarot before they left. She is all glammed up with her fishnet stockings. You have to look good when Strider is taking you out. Her skin is green because she’s a witch, it’s not me and my camera this time.




This guy hates trying things on and having things tailored. He could be out cutting a figure with his sword.

Material worries had me all day. I started getting a sewing pattern ready for a doll skirt and had to write the pattern author as she had forgotten a key marker.

Tomorrow will be better.

Of course the shoe picture is relevant.





2 thoughts on “Shoe Fitting

  1. You have a Strider/Aragorn doll?!! (Runs off to look for lojong slogan that deals with jealousy….) Heehee, I’ve always had a thing for Viggo. 🙂
    I can’t believe you had the patience to make a tiny Rohrig deck!

    • I do. I bought him undressed for a lower price. The Tonner dolls are too expensive for me to buy today, which is probably just as well. I have 3 Tonner dolls. I bought them way back in 2008 and then Strider in 2011.

      I made that deck some years ago when I was younger. I doubt I would do it today. I love it though, it even has a tuckbox.

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