Hills Gleaming and Beckoning



All I could think of was the word “ambush” when I saw these guys waiting by the road. Contrary to the usual fighting aspect of this card, this deck says it’s more about freedom and independence; no ambush here.

I like that look of the open road. Joy has been rediscovered.

Sure has.




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4 Responses to Hills Gleaming and Beckoning

  1. chloetarot says:

    Not much of an ambush when their wands are standing up so tall and visible 😀 Funny, I see the person in the foreground dipping their legs in the stream, cooling off from a dry, hot walk. Makes me think of times when we struggle on despite discomfort, trying to compete, or just keep up…

  2. JJ says:

    Oh, I like that about the first chap dipping his legs in the stream.

    • chloetarot says:

      I’m really enjoying this deck, very different but interesting 🙂

      • JJ says:

        This is one of those decks where existing artwork was used from a book or comic. I am not quite sure of the circumstances as most information about the deck is in French since it was published in France initially. The pips are semi-illustrated which I actually enjoy.

        Wow, the deck is about 22 years old–imagine that Chloe! An oldie but goodie, despite its obvious tangential meanings.

        I like decks that are different and have strange booklets and such. I was never that keen on collecting every deck the same. I used to wonder how the guys in tarot history forums could get almost the same Marseille deck over and over again, it’s a big snooze for me. Shhhh, don’t tell them I said that. ;-))))

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