Grandpa Warms the Cockles of His Heart

What a lovely picture. I think we all have moments of anticipation like this.


And then there are days when you are left noodling around on your own. They are more frequent when you’re old.


Hey, that looks like Skip the dog again. He’s a happy chappy. Mind you, with Skip it doesn’t take much.





14 thoughts on “Grandpa Warms the Cockles of His Heart

  1. Boy, this one evokes all kinds of feelings in me. I wonder if those folks are going to see the man, or if they are just waving hello as they pass by. Steven needs to get cracking on publishing some of these wonderful decks in comes up with! 😀
    I’m enjoying your haiku by the way, and hope you keep posting them.

    • Steve made this for me on oversized playing cards which he laminated after gluing. The images were taken from children’s books that he bought at a charity shop. He made one for himself with completely different images.

      Unfortunately, because the graphics are from books and still in copyright, the cards can’t be published. It was a one-off for personal use.

      In this story I think this actually was the man’s grandchildren coming for a visit–an assumption on my part, but they definitely planned the visit.

      I like to write haiku, I think most people do. I try to do them fast so I don’t second-guess the moment, but I usually re-write them 2-3 times. It’s hard to keep clichés out of short writing, so the challenge, the alignment of words and syllables is like a puzzle. VERY interesting for me.

      I agree with you about Steve publishing. He has an eye for colour, design, and composition that I don’t often see in the mish-mash of digital collage decks that proliferate.

      Plus he has put much effort in over the years for study and working with cards, even if he doesn’t show everyone his work. Ana Cortez made a remark recently about superficiality creeping into Tarot, but Steve has years of experience and is a terrific artist, particularly with portraiture by hand or in Adobe Illustrator.

      Some people mistake humour or the sort of play I do with cards as superficial, but you must have knowledge of your cards to pull it off, you know?

      You missed his Green Tarot Bev. It was a marvel but not finished.

      How come every comment I make turns into a 2-page philosophical ramble?

      I must learn to write a précis. NOT.

  2. Love the haiku, too! Funny how we each see with the assumptions of our lives. I wondered if he was an old curmudgeon, grumping about the kids making a mess when they come over 😀
    What a mess
    Children and emotions bring
    Habits die hard

  3. “I wondered if he was an old curmudgeon, grumping about the kids making a mess when they come over”

    Love this. So funny. Completely changed my view on what’s going on.

    And yes, Skip does get about.

    Thanks for all of the kind words about my work. After Mum’s stokes and my feeling tired and a workshop and another course to plan, I have all of the deck stuff buzzing around in my head but haven’t done anything about it all yet. But I want to. And I will do. I do think there is an element of fear wrapped up in all of it too.

    Right, get the kettle on. I’ll be over when I have located my pink pyjamas.

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