Happy Dappy Doo-lah-la

Database Monday will come later, I had some dancing to do.

An interesting interpretation by Pharrell of his song Happy on the Grammy Awards last night. Man, I love his video. The world needs such joy.

All in all the broadcast actually featured real music (rather than electronically enhanced bimbos wearing hooker outfits) and I loved the ELO set because they did Mr. Blue Sky, a song I’ve mentioned before.


Some interesting juxtapositions of artists and genres. Okay, we’ve covered the Grammys, except for Kanye’s tacky interruption when Beck won his Grammy. He fortunately caught hold of himself and sat down before he opened his mouth. Unfortunately he didn’t keep it closed.

On to today’s card!

Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague
Govert Flinck (1615-1660)
Meisje bij een tafelstoel / Girl by a highchair
Inv.nr. 676


Not surprisingly, Flinck was a student of Rembrandt, he has captured the Master’s trick of bringing things out of the shadows. This little girl is enchanting, from her rosy cheeks to her fancy clothes.

I bet she would dance to Happy.




2 thoughts on “Happy Dappy Doo-lah-la

  1. Don’t ELO just instantly make you smile? They do me – watched their set live on the tv from Hyde Park last summer…. my 19 year old daughter was spellbound “This lot are fantastic!” she was heard to say at one point.

  2. I’ve always loved ELO. “Strange Magic” was my big favourite. Those songs just don’t go out of fashion, they are timeless.

    I got going on Mr. Blue Sky when they featured it on a delightful episode of CSI several years ago (one of the Miniature Killer episodes.) Then I went through all my cards and stuff and put lyrics from that song with images.

    I’m so glad younger people like your daughter can appreciate good musicians like ELO. I didn’t even watch the Grammys last year because no one was playing instruments or singing without a computer. Waste of time, you know?

    Jeff Lynne’s voice is still pretty good. Last time I saw him was with the Wilburys so it was great to see him.

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