Ink in My Pen, Love in My Heart



Upon a random shuffle of each deck I pulled these out. It’s love day, la-dee-da, love, love, love, and neon landscapes and flowers and hugging.

Yeah, put your heads together and hug, get those fat little cheeks touching.

I felt it important this week that the spouse tune into my new Waterman fountain pen ink colours Tender Purple and Absolute Brown. At first I would quiz him and he would say “Sensitive Purple” and “Absolutely Brown” continually. Nipping that in the bud, I gave him mnemonics. For the purple I gave him Scott Fitzgerald’s book Tender is the Night and for the brown I gave him Absolut Vodka.

It worked, he can now rattle the names off at a moment’s notice. Whereupon I touch my cheek to his and laugh. No, I don’t want a diamond or Cadillac, I want you to remember what’s important to me.

Love is bothering to remember the names of the fantastic ink your wife bought.

It’s that easy.



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2 Comments on “Ink in My Pen, Love in My Heart”

  1. Beverly King Says:

    To love is to pay full attention – amen! 🙂
    (love those mnemonics you gave him)

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