Vitruvian Man Contemplates Moving His Pets

10 – FATE (Wheel of Fortune)


I love this: “The only constant factor in life is change.” which is exactly what Buddhists would say is impermanence, uncertainty, or ambiguity.

I also like the lighthouse on this card, similar to human consciousness lighting things up and then winking out, revolving to leave you in the dark. Flashes of light, insights, the choice is yours to be aware of them or not. You are the architect of your life.

Up and down, yin and yang. Last week was busy organizing, asking questions about moving, looking at available houses, but this week I started having nightmares about moving my pets. I gave away dozens of cats in one dream and found my yellow Lab (deceased for 3 years) in a cage in the fridge. At first I thought this was just worry about flying them out there. My dogs are both 11 and my cat is 14.5 years-old. The stress of going on a plane might hurt them. My Dad had encouraged me in 2002 to I kill all my pets so I could move into a condo. (Dear Dad, always sensitive to the feelings of others) so that might be where the dream of giving them all away came from.

Then I thought maybe it was about leaving them here. Most of them are buried here in the woods, so physically I would be leaving them. Then the dream became about the pets spreading disease and I had to wake myself up, I was getting too anxious.

I create the shape, the dream of life. Actually change can be spontaneity, which I always enjoy.

Worry about the pets, who are all old soldiers, seems to niggle at me constantly, even in dreams.



2 thoughts on “Vitruvian Man Contemplates Moving His Pets

  1. Gosh, I can understand your worry. Perhaps you could talk to your vet and get his/her suggestions for making their trip as less stressful as possible, and do some investigating about airlines with good pet travel records? Maybe you could even carry on your cat? A little knowledge might help settle your anxiety and give you a workable game plan.

    • I have done the research with the airline. The cat can travel in the cabin but the carrier has to fit under the seat and mine is a larger kennel. I could buy a different kennel just for the flight. I might feel a lot better doing that.

      I haven’t talked to the vet yet but will closer to the date. I think they will provide tranquillizers for the pets in any case, plus we have to have all their shots up-to-date for the airline to accept them.

      Thanks Bev! Early days yet but it doesn’t stop my mind from agitating about it.

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