Database Snapping and Singing

I had forgotten how much I liked the artwork on the Animal Playing Cards published by Terra Toys. It looks like these were a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF.) My friend Steve gave them to me, and he does terrific vector illustrations too, so it seems apt that it came from him. I do like playing cards!


This is a playing card deck showing vector-based illustrations of endangered species as listed by the World Wildlife Fund – UK. Although there was no insert in the box specifying what animal was on each card I have been able to track them down either through the WWF list online or by searching for animal characteristics. All the animals are endangered, and the animals in the suits are based on Ocean, Sky, Desert, and Forest.


For one card, the Alligator Snapping Turtle on the 10 of Clubs, I found the exact photograph online from which the digital sketch was done. On the 9 of Spades it looked like a chimpanzee but after looking at photographs online, there is another species related to the chimp in the genus Pan called the Bonobo or the Pygmy Chimpanzee; this Pan paniscus has the tufty hair on the head like the animal on the card, so I think it is a Bonobo.

I got a kick out of learning that, and of course once I’d learned that I saw mention of Bonobos everywhere in a whirl of synchronicity. Read my post from 2011 on that here.

You can’t beat a good deck of playing cards. Everybody sing.




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