Deep Blue Remains Untouched

One more thing off the list, we had our annual furnace service and it was fine. It cost about $100 less than the old oil furnace was to service. We found out we hadn’t been changing the filters enough. I kept saying to the spouse “Do you hear that ringing sound when the fan is on?” He didn’t and neither did the service guy, but the filter was clogged with dust, so he thought that might have caused the fan to overwork and make the sound. Sure enough, with a new filter it has stopped.

Live and learn. We’ve only had the furnace for 13 months and the fan is so powerful that it sucks more detritus up. We didn’t realize, but now we know and no harm done. I think the spouse is losing his hearing though; I’ve noticed that for some time.

10 OF WATER – DEEP BLUE (10 of Cups)


I’ve got some purple Waterman ink on order to try and resurrect an old Parker 51 fountain pen from the 1960s. That is all I can see in the background.

I usually refer to this as the Happy Families card, but here it is slightly different. The lifeboat is untouched by surface storms, serenely untouched by turmoil. If you dive for them, inner resources are available, much like sticking your fountain pen into a bottle of ink in order to fill it. Of course, if it’s purple ink, you’re going to feel even better.

Don’t do anything, just meditate, concentrate on the breath and let it happen. A good card for me as I wind myself up to go to the bank tomorrow, and do our tax returns, and think about moving, and get worried and anxious.

Don’t rock the boat, but balance. Deep Blue has it covered, I just need to drift, observe the swirling water and weather patterns, and let go.


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