That Poor Kitty with the Bad Leg

This card is always a bit fraught and sad, but with the cats depicted, particularly the small one with the bandaged leg, it seems even more poignant.



Maybe about feelings of lack and feelings that no one cares? We all get in that rut I expect, but often outsiders can’t help anyway, it’s just something you have to get through.

Also, are you really suffering or is it all in your mind? Failing to see positive things in your surroundings can bring on this feeling. A good way out is to just start doing something, and putt along building momentum. Self-esteem, inner impoverishment, a good day for feeding the soul with happy music and books.

The card reminds me that I’m tired of snow and would like to get out in the garden. There IS a slow momentum, a feeling of weariness with snow at this time of year.




3 thoughts on “That Poor Kitty with the Bad Leg

  1. I especially like what you say about failing to see the positives in our environment. That’s what I like about a gratitude journal, it helps remind me that there are always things to be thankful for, no matter how deep the snow 🙂

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