Muddy Legs

I have several of the Lark 500 series of books that show wonderful photographs of handmade things. While looking through a Lark book on 1000 handmade glass beads, I got a bit sad remembering all my beading projects and necklaces that I haven’t touched for two or three years. I was discussing it with a friend and she said it could be the “been there/done that” syndrome or it could just be that ill health and house repairs took my attention and energy. I seem to be drowning in ennui and insomnia and can barely lift my hands to make my weekly sketch.

While sorting the Tarot of Pagan Cats into piles preparatory to drawing a card, I thought about this as a question about what’s going on.



The first thing that occurred to me is how small children have oodles of energy and can tire mothers out. Wands are fire energy, lots of hot energy, often related to creativity and passion.

Maybe Queenie is trying to spur me to action? I feel like I’m moving through mud in slo-mo, like I’ve lost my innate energy. She could signify someone trying to help me, I don’t know. I used to have inexhaustible supplies of creative thought and ideas, I miss that fire. I feel that these two cats are looking at me, waiting for me to say something. Or do something.

I drag my leg up from the mud and put it down in front of me. Heavy with mud.



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Eccentric erminois dweller.
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5 Responses to Muddy Legs

  1. Sharyn Woerz says:

    Can offer nothing of help, other than the cold comfort that your aren’t alone.

    • JJ says:

      Getting old is no fun Sharyn. I see programs on TV about people living in India or Indonesia and Africa. I compare that we have everything we ever wanted, except good health. Perspective I suppose.

  2. Beverly King says:

    What would your senses enjoy? What would bring you comfort or make you more comfortable? What would “feed” your body, mind and spirit? Gentle hugs to you J.

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