The Clarity of the Sun

I had to flee to the computer as my husband is watching the movie Anchorman. This made a lot of money and produced a sequel, and my mind boggles at the remorseless emptiness of it all. Holy cow, is this the best the human mind can do? We are in trouble.

Time to draw a card…



It’s a soldier in the desert of love, reaching to the rays of the sun as his higher calling in life, and to seal the paper cut he got shuffling a card deck.

Where was I? The Sun means a good day and I had a good day after not being able to sleep until 4 a.m. I made a homemade turkey soup and watched a bunch of TV and generally vegged out and relaxed.

The Great British Baking Show is on PBS in 25 minutes. Thank god I am to be saved from my aimless life of dumbed down comedy!

They are doing desserts tonight. Dessert/Desert…coincidence, I think not.



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2 Comments on “The Clarity of the Sun”

  1. Beverly King Says:

    Makes me think of the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” which they recently made a sequel for here. I just don’t get that kind of humor!

    • JJ Says:

      Mercifully Bev, I never saw Dumb and Dumber. Or that other one, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure from back in the 80s.

      Then there’s Weekend at Bernie’s, or The Hangover….fortunately I sidestepped them too.

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