Abandon Fear and Save Money

I had two tarot-related items on my Amazon.ca wish list lately. The Gorgon’s Tarot was listed at a whopping $52 CAD and Benebell Wen’s new book Holistic Tarot was listed at $22 four days ago (which I considered pricey), and when I went to put something on my wish list last night, Amazon had jacked the price up to $35 CAD. I checked the Celtic Lenormand, which isn’t in stock yet, but they have a price of $26.28 CAD on it, which is probably going to go up.

I deleted them all from the wish list. Then I drew a card to see what it said about this.



In this deck the card is not just about ennui but about fear. The fear of not having, the fear of abandonment, and searching for comfort in material things.

I already have 388 card decks; 164 of those are tarot decks. I already have 15 bookshelves of books. I went to look at quilt patterns last week and many of them are $30 to $50 plus shipping if they are print patterns, and some PDF patterns are the same price.

By shutting me out in pricing these days across a range of items, maybe the world is doing me a favour? It does get tiresome, but it’s only Want, a feeling of wanting, a wispy, ephemeral wanting that flies away like an owl in the night, hooting, echoing.




4 thoughts on “Abandon Fear and Save Money

  1. I think that is one of my favorite Four of Pentacles cards ever. But it doesn’t make me want to buy the deck. 😀 I did however recently add the Nature’s Pharmacy Deck to my collection – at only $3 I couldn’t resist. Plus I love all those botanical prints.

    • I noticed you using the Nature’s Pharmacy deck this week.

      I too love those botanical prints. I bought six postcard books of botanical prints which I use as an oracle. Each book had double prints so I’ve got about 90 extra botanical prints here sitting in a box.

      What, you aren’t going to buy the Sorcerer’s Tarot??? I saw one card online and that did it for me, I had to buy it. Partly the beautiful watercolours but partly the fact that owls feature throughout the deck. Irresistible for me.

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