Demeter and the Four of Three

I picked a card from the Experimental Tarot and then thought I’d grab the card from the other three decks I have down here and do a comparison.



The Experimental card reflects all cultures, a global Empress, which ties in nicely to the way I think of this card being about leadership. Apart from the leadership and guidance involved in motherhood, the Empress to me does not necessarily mean Big Mom, but a mother to the world, a leader, someone who rules wisely.

Big Mom as a Persian cat with gambolling kittens in the Tarot of Pagan Cats, gets back to that pregnant Empress vision that I don’t really like but she IS regal and looks wise. Fertility is also about ideas not just physical fertility and this cat looks like she is pondering a great mystery.

The Sacred Sites Tarot shows Demetra (a.k.a. Demeter) and the Eleusinian mysteries, the rites tied to worship of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. They were secret rites and this reminds me of the Empress being self-contained and able to keep a secret as you would expect from a good ruler.

The Sorcerer’s Tarot shows the big heart of the Empress, her ability to take care of others. Sort of a practical woman, she knows she’s going to have to kiss that frog to get her Prince, but what of it? One has to do what one has to do to rule the kingdom wisely.

For today I think of overseeing, taking care of the home and others, being slow to act and thinking about things first, weighing the options. It also reminds me that my friend’s Mum is ill, so I think of her and how mothers can keep to themselves in order not to worry people, and how when they are sick, the home just doesn’t feel the same.

Get well, we are thinking about you here.




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