That’s a Hefty Case Fella, is Anything in It?

I always find it confusing when court cards are renamed. I suppose this is a nod to the Thoth deck, but still, some of the deck creators will do Princess for Page and some do Son, when I think of Son as the Knight, so the Son as Page does not rear up first in my mind.

In this deck the Sons are Pages. (Googly eyes.)

SON OF EARTH (Page of Pentacles)
Rat Race


Doesn’t he look dogged? Thrashing about with heavy burdens, rushing, straining, trying to get there on time.

Creation is effortless, and yet these two are going way above effort in trying to do something. Sometimes you can bang and bang your head against the wall and not get the result you are striving for. Indeed, have these guys even thought about what they really want or are they just concentrating on going fast, looking the part?

Perhaps a day of flow and letting go, letting the creation of things be effortless?

Art, it’s all about creating art.




2 thoughts on “That’s a Hefty Case Fella, is Anything in It?

  1. Yeesh, that card looks like a lot of hard work! Not my idea of the Page of Pents at all 😦 Where’s the playfulness, the exploration, the joy in the physical? I have a much nicer version on my blog tomorrow 😉

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