Gunnar Gets to the Core of Things

It’s Saturday but I think it’s Sunday. What does this mean? I don’t know but it gets confusing.

I grabbed four decks to use for a bit. First up is the delightful Experimental Tarot, one I love just because he used the CorelDraw library for clip art. It looks so crisp, so linear, so gorgeous, and the font is a favourite too.

8 CORE (8 of Pentacles)
Nothing less will do.

I did actually ask a question before drawing this: “Tell me about pain.”


This reminds me of the last line of Yeats’s wonderful poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree: “I hear it in the deep heart’s core.”

I like the hint Gunnar Kossatz writes in the book:

“Your limits are much wider than you may think they are. Take up the task. Endurance is a valuable learning experience in this world.”

So, disciplined effort and extreme tenacity will bring me to the ultimate depth, Alpha and Omega, the core of things.

I hear it, I see it like an eyelid opening, like the heart of a seed springing to life, and I keep going and wait.




2 thoughts on “Gunnar Gets to the Core of Things

  1. Well, JJ, there is a balance between endurance that allows you to live life despite the pain, and endurance that damages you even further. I hope you take good care of yourself, and manage to find some joy even in the hard times.

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