Swollen Light

I had the oddest dream where Mary Greer had a quaint bookshop on the high street of a town. I was walking by and saw she had in the window a magazine display rack like the kind at a library where you lift up each shelf to see the back issues on the shelf behind it.

So, on the display part she had a card from a deck displayed with her typed review on a page, and on the shelf behind it she had stacks of the deck. I opened the shelf and thought she had a lot of extra preview decks so I took one home with me to look at.

When I got home I looked at it and she had parts set aside with elastics and extra information and I thought she’d be sending those to friends and I worried I was mixing them all up. Then the one deck I was looking at burgeoned into about five decks and I got panicky thinking I’d stolen all this stuff when all I wanted was to look at the pictures in one deck and then take it back. One bundle had a little pamphlet on making crafts and I thought Mary had earmarked this one for my acquaintance Traci who is an art therapist, tarot creator, and has a young son who would also like making things from the pamphlet.

Then I really started to get panicky and said to my husband that we would have to go get a shopping cart so we could load all this up and take it back. Then I got worried about how I was going to explain this to Mary as I had thought I was previewing just one, but all this other stuff had appeared, which looked a bit iffy, a bit like thievery on my part, and then the cards and bundles were all mixed up, causing her problems to sort it out.

Then I woke up and my hand was sore and swollen.

Sun, Moon, and Stars


Light needs open space, and seeks gaps and cracks to seep through, like a fluid. Similarly, the light we have inside us can be unboxed to let our own brilliance out. Your heart is like a lamp and you can illuminate dark corners and bring peace to your life and thus others around you. All because of your lamp.

What if your hand is swollen and you can’t turn the switch on, or you don’t have enough oil to light the lamp? What if Mary won’t believe me?

Oh now, stop it Judith.




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